'Behind all there is a definite scheme of numbering. There is a twelve and a ten and a seven and a three and a One.'

(ISBN 978-0-9560289-5-2)

So says the Corpus Hermeticum - The Secret Sermon on the Mountain. In this booklet I've approached alchemy through an expanding and contracting net of numbers. Taking in the fundamental influences of Hermeticism and Platonic cosmography, counting up or down, and exploring a world of arcane belief and ancient wisdom, it explores neo-Platonism, mediaeval cosmogony, astrology, music, numerology, gematria, Islam, Qabalah, magic squares, and a great deal more.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

An Alchemical count-down could, in theory, proceed from mulitiplicity to Oneness, or in the other direction, from Unity to variety. In fact, any alchemist would consider the work incomplete if either of these directions were to be omitted. ..... Therefore, in producing this booklet I had to make a choice. I eventually settled on beginning with the ineffable One and the formless Chaos of physical origins, neither of which are firmly located in measurable space, and counting up through the numbers in logical order.
In practice, of course, the sequence would not be so numerically consistent. For example, no sooner have we left the transcendant Oneness than we are, potentially, faced by the four letters of the unspeakable Tetragrammaton, and an exalted form of the tria prima. There are then nine spheres of angels, twelve zodiacal houses and seven planetary spheres before we reach planet Earth and its four elements.

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