Paul Cowlan is a professional singer-songwriter-poet, who has practiced psycho-spiritual alchemy since the early 1980s.

A practitioner of yoga since the late 70s, he has also developed a system of Alchemical Yoga, using selected asanas in combination with Tantric and Alchemical imagery.

He gives illustrated talks and workshops on the subject, has contributed articles, and has, so far, published the following pamphlets:

For Pauls Music, Poetry
and Artwork

21 pages, 8 illustrations.
'HEAVENLY ALCHEMY - Alchemical influences in Shakespeare
155 pages, 54 black and white illustrations.
'SPLENDOR SOLIS - Twenty-two exquisitely coloured illustrations make Splendor Solis (1582).
84 pages, 22 colour and 23 black and white illustrations.
'ALCHEMICAL MYTHOLOGY' - How did, or do, alchemists view the myths of the classical world.
101 pages and 72 illustrations.
'TABULA SMARAGDINA' - An Introduction to the Emerald Tablet.
26 pages and 15 illustrations.
'ALCHEMY BY NIGHT' - An individual's experience of Alchemy.
43 pages and 20 illustrations.
30 pages and 23 illustrations.
'AN ALCHEMICAL COUNT-DOWN' - Behind all there is a definite scheme of numbering.
82 pages and 68 illustrations.
'PICTURES IN THE BOOK OF SLEEP' - Alchemical Images in Dreams.
81 pages and 74 illustrations.
'THE ALCHEMICAL QUARTET' - A consideration of the four alchemical stages: nigredo, albedo, citrinitas and rubedo.
96 pages 71 illustrations.
'THE MUTUS LIBER' - An introduction.
54 pages and 21 illustrations.

Also available:

'A3 COLOUR POSTER' of the Tabula Smaragdina, featuring the text, and Matthäus Merian's famous 1618, 'Janitor Pansophus' illustration of the Alchemical Opus.

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