The Mutus Liber
- An Introduction

(ISBN 978-0-9560289-4-5)

'The Mutus Liber is without any doubt the work most highly to be recommended to all seeking initiation into alchemy.'

Armand Barbault. 1960's. (Gold of a thousand mornings)

Excerpt from the Introduction:

The title, often translated as The Mute Book, would be better understood as ‘The Wordless, or Symbolic, Book’ because although there are few words it is very far from being mute. It speaks in the universal language of symbol and visual metaphor, and can therefore be understood on more than one level .....

..... Mutus Liber is a paradox, and this fact must be assimilated from the start. For the literal-minded and unimaginative, such as Carrington Bolton, quoted on page iv, it will indeed represent ‘the height of absurdity’, whereas for Magaphon (Pierre Dujols de Valois), ‘Mutus Liber is a book like all others and can be plainly read, once one has the grille.’ Certainly Canseliet and Armand Barbault openly acknowledge it as an infallible guide to practical alchemy. But Eli Luminosis will have none of this, complaining that such ‘chemical minds’ are unable to see beyond their furnaces and retorts, ‘to grasp the sense of those silent images beyond mineral substances.’ This does not prevent him from claiming to ‘offer practical directions’ on how to put its message into practice.

The beauty of it is that they are all wrong; and they are all right.

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