- (Alchemical Images in Dreams)

(ISBN 978-0-9560289-8-3)

Note: The purpose of this booklet is to present a variety of alchemical images, and dreams, many of which are my own, but without going into too much unecessary personal detail, I refer anyone interested in a fuller development of such material to my ALCHEMY BY NIGHT (2009) ISBN 978-0-9560289-2-1 in which my own dream sequences involving the Raven, the Key, and two related alchemical visions, are described and expounded in context and at length.

'Individuals still experience the revelations and visions that were so instrumental in the creation and development of alchemy, and understand them in terms similar to those of the ancient and medieval alchemists.' (Jeffrey Raff)
Any student of dreams is, in effect, a researcher into their own vibrant, but largely hidden personal language, a geographer of inner landscapes; and it is certainly true, as Jeffrey Raff states, that alchemical imagery still occurs frequently in contemporary dreams; regardless of whether or not the dreamer is acquainted with alchemy or not.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

..... Ancient, contemporary, regenerative - art, mystical science, philosophy, life-path, psycho-spiritual system - alchemy embraces body, soul and spirit, the physical, metaphysical and eternal aspects of existence, and to what degree these elusive constituents are mixed and refined will depend entirely upon the individual practicioner.

..... every dreamer is, to some extent, a dealer in alchemical wares, whether they recognise this or not. Alchemical symbols do not stand apart from the symbolism of dreams in general, and obscure and strange as some of these images may seem at first glance they soon become not only comprehensible, but also startlingly relevant, for contemporary personal exploration and development. In order to knowingly participate in these eternally recurring cycles of growth and change you need only to be a dedicated student of yourself and your place in the cosmic scheme. Or, if this sounds too grandiose, then you simply have to be self-aware, open, curious, honest, persistent and patient. But you can start from where you are. You already have everything you need in order to begin.

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