Guest Book

Hello - this is a new idea which I am trying. I would like to get some feedback and provide a forum for discussion.
If you would like to pose a question or make a comment that I can publish below them please send me a

Thankyou for your participation, Paul

From - Maureen O' Connell

Hey Paul,
got to say thanks to you for your contribution to an incredible evenings entertainment Eve had invited me to.
I had never listened to poetry before I was completely blown away,
I felt I had been taken on a journey with each poem,
also totally loved that you played the harmonica I have been practising ever since,
hope to catch another rendition next time your in Liverpool,

From - Anne (U.S.A)

I have just received your Walking on the Moon CD from crow and wolf. I have felt an odd homecoming feeling in listening to your work. Very warm and familiar, but I've never heard of you before. I just found you on an intuitive spree.

Thank you very much for having a website so that I could find out you have more poetry and more CDs.
Thank you also for the great music. You cheered me up quite a bunch.

From - Ulrike

Your concert on Saturday was really great.
I have been there with a friend from Kassel and we enjoyed it very much, even it was raining as hell.
You are a great entertainer, a great musician and a very talented parodist.
Thank you very much. Love and greetings, Ulrike

From - Andy Holley

I just listened in on your new album - at least the small soundbites
provided on this website. Although I had already a big, heavy clock on
my shoulders telling me to leave the house in order to do all the
business you usually do on Saturday when you have not been at home for
some time, I couldn't help but listen through all of the songs and
reading the lyrics to get a notion of how the songs continue.

I can't wait to hear them all in full length on your concert near Chur
on the weekend of September 16th/17th.

All the best,

From - Hermann G. Heintzmann

I will never ever forget the lovely evening in the Accumer Mühle some weeks ago.
My question: When will I be able to purchase your song "sue - sue - sue"* on CD.
What are your plans? I certainly would not be the first customer.
I will travel long-distance to attend one of your next performances.

Kind regards

From - Jörn Feuerabend.

I saw you on the poetry slam in Schirn Kunsthalle, yesterday. There you
told this really wonderful little story about the penguin. Is that story
somehow available on CD?

Thank you for that great performance!

From - Rich and Martina

Your concert on last Sunday we enjoyed very much. And I - Martina - learnt
a new English word: "to sue". We laughed very much about that song. Your
pronunciation is very clear, and that's pleasant.

Also thanks for including us in your mail-outs.

From - Denise

we listened to some of your songs this morning in school. It was the
last two English lessons before holidays. Our teacher has been to one of
your concerts, he told. It was the concert at which you recorded your LP
"Living The Life" and he played us the first six songs of that album. I
especially liked "Mister Wordlywiseman" and I had to laugh about the "Chicken
Blues" and that funny story about the fishes.

And the second thing I've seen on your homepage, your release your cd's
on Brambus Records. I've met Paul Rostetter some weeks ago at the main
station in Zurich. That was fun. Thousands of people at the station and he
stands right behind me. I wouldn't have recognized him if he hadn't worn a
rucksack on which stood his name... From now on, i'll recognise him :-)

There are a lot of good cd's on Brambus Records. I especially like the
Singer/Songwriter-style, because you somehow have to listen differently
at this kind of music. Another Musician on Brambus is Brent Moyer. Do you
know him? I think, he's a great man and musician, we always were having fun
with him. Do you come to Switzerland again for some concerts some day?

Sorry for this long e-mail with my bad English...
...but Keep Going On & Best Wishes,

From - Emiel

Your record arrived last week (monday). I did't find the time to thank
you yet because I'm in the middle of moving from one house to another (the
train is moving back to Amsterdam). Because of this, I haven't listened
thoroughly yet to 'LIVING THE LIFE'. What I heard so far, sounded good
to me. I surely will enjoy it even more in the future when tranquility has

'Spanish Ladies' I did play many times already. If you are interested in
my private sentimental story (if not, I'm writing it anyway): this song I
heard on the radio on the day after my own Spanish lady gave birth to
another Spanish lady. It became our song (allthough I suppose you sang
about a different experience with Spanish ladies) and was the reason to
try to find the record.

Thank you again and best wishes,

From - Sophie K

this is sophie from the kilve court course.
i doubt u even know who i am but i just wanted to say thankyou for a fab
week and i hope to see u again next year!

From - Janez Guna

I have been listening for your clips on the internet for couple of
hours. I am fascinated by your songs and your brilliant VOICE (a little
bit like Shawn Phillips', if I may say). Unbelievable. I hope you are
going to bring ALL you CDs to your concert here in Slovenia (Loka pri
Zidanem Mostu), and both LPs if possible. I can hardly wait to hear you

I wish you all the best!

From - Torben

Hi there, and thank you for a great "concert" you played here in
Middelfart, yesterday!!

And you were right about the album you sold me, IT'S great and good

Greetings and I hope to see you again sometime here in Denmark ( perhaps
around Middelfart ) And greetings to your wife