www.uschi-laar.de USCHI LAAR. Uschi has been a close friend since the early 80s. She plays a wonderful variety of harp music, with influences from all over the world, and also conducts workshops, musical therapy seminars etc. You can hear Uschi's harp on my album 'Backtracks' (CAUGHT AT THE CROSS-ROADS Brambus 1998 07-2).
www.powerflute.ch SANDRO FRIEDRICH. Sandro, another long-standing friend, has been providing intuitive, magical backing on my CDs since 1987. Any instrument you can blow, Sandro can play it. You can hear him on all my albums from SECOND- CLASS HOTEL Brambus 1989 04-1 & 2, onwards.
www.shayma.de SANDRA SCHERER. A stunning oriental dancer and matchless Iyengar Yoga teacher, Sandra has been a close friend for many years. We've run Alchemical Yoga workshops together, and performed some of my poetry, with a combination of reading and dance. Needless to say, I did the reading!
www.musikshop-city.de MUSIKSHOP-CITY. Alan Sherry runs my favourite music shop in Frankfurt. If you want first class personal service or advice, from beginners and school kids to professionals, Alan's your man.
www.string-schule.de PETER COURA. Peter's Guitar Centre in Frankfurt is legendary. If hand built electric guitars are your interest you can't afford to miss visiting his shop. Recently he's been producing his models in co-operation with African craftsmen. Well worth further investigation.
www.brambus.com Based in Chur, Switzerland, Brambus Records presents innovative music from traditional Folk, through Songwriters and Country-Blues, to dynamic Modern Jazz.
www.doll-guitars.de Klaus Doll's shop in the charming Westphalian Market town of Burgsteinfurt is something of a Mecca for musicians. His beautifully restored shop houses an incredible range of acoustic and electric stringed instuments, from beginner's models to the finest that money can buy. This site contains information about the unique work of Klaus Doll, pictures of finished work in the gallerie
www.taa-michel-poletti.ch Puppet Master extraordinaire, Michael Poletti is an old friend whose much-travelled puppet shows, in Italian, French and, sometimes, English, are guarenteed to whisk you away into a world of myth, magic and fascination.
www.folk-concerts.de Herzlich willkommen - auf der Homepage von peter braun concerts.
www.dichterdran.deWillkommen bei DICHTERDRAN, der monatlichen Poetry Veranstaltung in Frankfurt. Hier finden Sie unsere aktuellen Termine sowie Infos zu den präsentierten Poeten ...
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