F/M BLUES (©Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan)

‘F/M’ is Frankfurt am Main. When I first arrived, in January 1981, I’d met Gabriele for a single day in England the previous summer, after which I’d spent three months backpacking through south-east Asia. I thought I’d just say hallo and perhaps continue to Munich. Seventeen years later I’m still in Frankfurt! Well, the song says it all.

There’s a lady down by the river Main.
I tried to stay loose, but I gave up trying.
The way she treats me, like honey on a spoon,
drives me crazy, crazy like the moon.

She don’t believe me. Thinks I’m a rolling stone.
Says she likes me, but she don’t know where I’m going.
I came to the city in the snow and rain.
I was gonna keep moving but I couldn’t get away again.

Maybe I don’t tell her. Maybe she don’t know.
But she took my body and she took my soul.
Mmm, but I need her like water in the ground.
If she finds out maybe she’ll put me down.

She’s a woman. She’s a diamond ring.
Got eyes like lightning. She’s got everything.
When she walks by the water, or walks in the snow,
I want her so bad, can’t ever let her go.

© Paul F. Cowlan:
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