COULD HAVE LOVED YOU (©Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan)

Primarily addressed to Joni Mitchell, Canada’s greatest female songwriter: but if Lauren Bacall should ever happen to hear it she might catch non-musical glimpses of herself as well.

Too bad I was born too late,
we never met, never had a date.
I love the way you sing I love the way you look.
You’ve got me landed like a fish on a hook.
I love your eyes, I love your smile,
I love your movements and your sense of style.
I love the tunes you play, I love the songs you write,
I love you loose and I love you tight.
Dreams and distance, fire and ice.
If it doesn’t happen once it can never happen twice.
Once upon a time I had a thing or two to say,
so I wrote you a letter; but I threw it away.

Hmm! sister the years won’t wait.
You’re growing older but you still look great.
Every time I think of you
I get the feeling that I’m older too.
Life and Love are like a one-way street,
you can’t go back if you miss the beat.
There’s not a lot of choices when you reach the end,
and no guarentee of coming back again.
Write on a river, carve in the snow,
whistle to the wind and not a soul will know.
I may be right, and I may be wrong,
but life’s too short and time’s too long.

Don’t worry this is no complaint.
I may not be a devil but I’m not a saint.
I’ve been a lot of places, seen the sights,
had a lot of good loving and a lot of late nights.
I’ve been up and I’ve been down,
side to side and around and around.
I’ve seen God’s Gift to the chic and cool
changing all the mirrors, never changing any rules.
Live by numbers and you soon lose count,
end up settling for any old amount.
When push comes down to shove
you can always beat the system but you can’t beat love.

Mmm what would I do

to get close to you?