OUT IN THE OPEN (©Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

First you had to locate a call-box, then you had to find the number, then you had to have the right money; in the days before mobile phones the engaged signal was infinitely more frustrating. Having a bed in the back of the van has saved my bacon on numberless occasions.

Standing in a phone booth,
never get an answer.
Anyone else could tell you what I need.
Every time I call you someone's on the line.
I'm a patient man, but woman I'm tired of trying.

Got a rattle on the engine, thunder on the mountain,
And I have a long way still to go.
Looks like trouble waiting up ahead.
I think I know what you mean,
but I know it ain't what you said.

Stormclouds rising, thunder and lightning.
The road goes on, but I have to get some sleep.
It's four in the morning and I can't go on no more.
I keep on dreaming,
But I don't recall what for.

Fire and water. Rain on the window.
Rain on the roof to keep me company.
It's the life I'm living,
and you won't hear me complain.

Out in the open. Out on the road again.