LONG HOT SUMMER (© Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan )

Apparently there hasn’t been global warming on the present scale for over ten-thousand years. At least that’s what the voice on the radio said. Maybe, maybe not. But not everyone welcomes that kind of statistic.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer.” said the voice on the radio.
“You can book tonight on the outbound flight
but there’s nowhere you can go.
I don’t want to stop the party, I don’t want to spoil the fun,
but there won’t be much to celebrate by the time this summer’s done!”

“There’s a hole in the roof of the shelter, and a glasshouse in the sky.
The temperature keeps rising and the ground is powder dry.
You can pray for a fall of your coal-black snow
or a storm of poisoned rain;
but as the sun climbs higher there’ll be only fire
for The Cities of the Plain.”

“Lie back and bask in the confirmation of the worst of all your fears.
No-one’s seen the like of this for the last ten thousand years.
And the trees that gave the oxygen, and the clouds that brought the rain,
the ocean wide and the mountainside will never be the same again.!”

Long, hot summer!

But then a voice from the heart of the city said,
“I hope they never let you in!
All day I’ll pray for forgiveness, okay, but at night I want to live in sin!
Resolving fairy stories used to be a hobby of mine
until I ran out of solutions, and now they say we’re running out of time!”

“My only crime is a need for love, and the power of desire.
It’s the urge to breathe and the things I need driving me to the fire.
I confess to a need for solitude but I never was inclined
to choose between the mountain top and the bottom of a mine
to spend a long, hot summer!”

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