VENUS IN FURS ( Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan)

Due acknowledgement to the Marquis de Sade for the title. Nor are references to sadism out of place. A woman once took me to task over this song, saying it was unfair because women were in the forefront of the fight against cruelty to animals. Quite how she squared this generalization with the flourishing fur trade and cosmetics industry I’m not sure, but this isn’t a song about women, it’s about all of us. Talk is cheap. It’s always easier to speak than to act.

Venus is still wearing fur.
It troubles her conscience but what can she do?
In the end she decides that it’s not up to her.
So Venus is still wearing fur.

Venus is painting her eyes.
She’s heard of cosmetics produced without pain;
but those aren’t the brand names that everyone buys.
Venus is painting her eyes.

And some of her money is in government shares,
it’s securely invested, though she doesn’t know where;
and it’s true she’s not asked, but it wouldn’t be fair
to say that she just doesn’t care.
She just doesn’t care.

Venus is dining in style.
Though cruelty and suffering are things she abhors,
the factory-farm business is flourishing while
Venus is dining in style.

Venus is waiting to see
whether someone will change things, and she hopes that they will.
She tries to imagine what those changes might be.
Venus is waiting to see.

And the adverts keep telling her what she should buy.
If she says she’s contented then they want to know why,
when there are so many things that she still has to try.
Venus, they’re bleeding you dry.

They’re bleeding you dry.