( Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan )

Tobacco and firewater. But of course it’s always someone else’s fault. In the end it comes down to is ‘do as you would be done by.’

Paper Devils and Spirits of Fire.
Where do we go from here?
Better than a bullet or a funeral pyre,
you know it isn’t merely
‘win or lose’or ‘time will tell’,
Whatever they lose you lose as well;
and you can’t drag people down to hell
without getting your fingers burned.
Isn’t it time we learned?

It goes to show, someone’s on the make.
How many warnings does it take
to get the message through?
As if we didn’t know the price of what we do.

Late night in a city street.
Even the snow is black.
Here’s where the Truth and the Trouble meet,
and there’s no turning back
to fairy tales and holy dreams,
whatever they lose, you lose it seems;
and if you don’t know what that means
isn’t it time you learned,
before you get your fingers burned?

It goes to show, the answer may come late,
but when you least anticipate,
the charge can’t be denied.
You left things as they were. You never even tried.

To make things worse, you watched it on the news
while the tyrants and dictators paid their dues,
but the next in line for questioning was you.
Out of The Party, and up for review.

Make or break! Whatever it takes.
Killing your way to the top.
But can you decide, was it justified
when the kissing had to stop?
Did it really make a difference?
Put your hands over your eyes!
But turn and look for one more time
if you want to see the sunrise.
And then go down. Go down. Go down.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Go down.

Build a prison and build it high.
Who’re you going to put inside?
Would you find it hard to justify,
even if you tried?
But just before you turn the key
consider what the truth may be.
Would you set the prisoner free
if suddenly you knew
that the prisoner would be you?

The walls and bars may prove to be too strong,
and you will wonder what went wrong.
Well, everyone should know
there are many kinds of dreams, and even walls can grow.

It’s a simple interaction,
and you only have to try.
Eat when you’re hungry.
Drink when you’re dry.
It’s the art of drawing circles,
and learning how to fall.
Straight across the minefield,
up and over the wall.
Or else go down. Go down. Go down.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Change your lies and count again.
Leave the world to better men.

Go down.