AFTER THE SHOW (©Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan)

Mike Silver has a song about ‘The ladies you leave behind’, and Joan Baez sings about preferring ‘passionate strangers’ to ‘love everlasting’. Such brief encounters are sometimes what makes the road such a good place to be.

Let me dream of you Christina.
Let me dream of you tonight.
Though I can’t pretend that, in the end,
it’s gonna set the world to rights.
My heart is like a weather-vane,
turning in the rain and storm
to any pretty woman whose eyes are bright
and whose lips are warm.

And you, you’re not the first one,
you surely won’t be the last,
because a fool like me always seems to be
moving just a little too fast.
But I recognize a beauty if she happens to pass my way;
and there’s very, very few would compare with you,
whatever anybody may say.

On the waterfronts of beauty,
in the deserts of desire;
the days of stolen solitude,
and the nights of stolen fire.
I need eyes like yours to dream on,
I need a hand like yours to hold,
a lover for the nights of snow and ice
to keep me from the cold.

Thanks for your time, and your shoulder to cry on,
your body to embrace and your bed to lie on.
Now I’m at the door, and the rain’s on the road.
Keep your head down when the dreams explode.

Time goes by like a river, or footsteps in the sand,
and the sun comes up each morning .....

but I think you understand.