LIVING ON THE OTHER SIDE (©Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

However much you love someone they still have to go through their own fires; but at least whatever they manage to carry through unconsumed will be their own.

Time moves slowly, living on the other side.
It’s not a case of having anything to hide.
Everybody gets whatever it is they were asking for,
some just don’t ask any more.

I think that you already understand.
I’ve laid my life in the palm of your hand,
and I would never even dream of telling you a lie
or making you cry.

But there’s one kind of journey that nobody can share.
You know the way but even you have trouble getting there.
You can’t book a ticket or even fix a fare
for living on the other side.

The invitation is never guarenteed;
It isn’t what you want, it isn’t even what you need.
But the moment you begin believing
you don’t need it to survive,
then it will arrive.

You can change your name and number, find another town,
you can even leave the country and live close to the ground,
but when it’s time to go you’ll never find a way around
living on the other side.

Nobody says that you have to stay.
When you’ve done your time you can turn around and walk away.
But getting up at midnight and going out in the cold alone,
sometimes that’s the only way home.

Life’s not easy living on the other side,
but don’t waste your time looking for a place to hide.
It may be that the answer isn’t really quite the one you were waiting for,
but you’re not afraid any more.

It’s hard to take a journey that nobody can share,
and in the end you never know what’s waiting for you there,
but once you’ve made it on your own you’ll make it anywhere
after living on the other side.