VOICES IN THE NIGHT (©Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

‘The old dreams are beautiful, beloved, soft-toned and sure. But the dream-stuff is molten and moving mysteriously.’ (D. H. Lawrence)

Sometimes no-one seems to undertand
either who you are or what it is you need,
and it’s easy to forget, no matter where you choose to look,
you can always find someone who feels the same.

You know your dreams are not mistaken,
but it’s so hard to hold on.
Alone at night you sometimes feel so sad, and you wonder,
“How much longer must I wait to see the sun.”

In the mothering dark, when the light is gone
and you’re trying to get to sleep,
all the troubles of the day rise up in your mind
and there’s no way you can keep them down.

Are you scared of the night?
Do you sometimes feel that the ocean has no bed?
Is the sky too wide?
Are you mystified by the questions in your head?

Never give up, and never look down.
Don’t let go of the wheel.
The sun comes up and the world goes round,
no matter how you feel.

Voices in the night, you can hear them
telling you the way to go,
promising to let you know the road.
And they never let you down,
but this one time they tell you that you have to find
another tune for the words you used to know.

Whispering that life is music sung against the wind,
and all the songs you ever sing are lost again.
When the Autumn steals your voices, listen for the Spring,
though the Winter sunlight never seems to change.