FISH FIGHT SOUTH OF THE PECOS (©Words and Music by Paul F. Cowlan)

Yes. Well. Why not? Actually fish don’t yodel very often. Call it poetic licence.

Piranha Pete was a bad fish he was rough and tough and mean.
His teeth were long and pointed, with big gaps in between.
He wore a black sombrero and a leather jacket too,
and there was nothing low that that pirahna would not do.
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

Way south of the Pecos on a Sunday afternoon
Pinky and some friends were drinking down at the saloon,
when a passing catfish said that he had heard folks going around
saying, “Look out boys, Pirahna Pete is coming into town!”
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

Well, the bartender looked nervous and twiddled with his fins,
thought to himself, “My god, now this is where the fun begins!”
And the carp at the piano he turned from blue to grey,
and he shut the lid down softly and swam rapidly away.
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

But Pinky he just sat there chewing on his cigar,
ordered another whisky from the fish behind the bar;
and I guess you would have heard it if someone dropped a pin
when the saloon doors swung open and Pirahna Pete swam in.
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

Right next to the piano stood Siamese Charlene.
She was the can-can dancer and the local bar-room queen.
Pirahna Pete he whistled, and bubbles filled the room.
He raised his hat and smiled and said, “Well, well! Good afternoon!”
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

But Pinky got up from his seat and drifted to her side.
He was looking cool and casual, and Pete was mystified.
But he just snarled and bared his teeth and this is what he said,
“Get outa my way goldfish or you might just end up dead!”
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

But when he tried to kiss Charlene he got a big surprise
when she pulled his sombrero right down over his eyes,
and Pinky bunched his fins and went in with a will.
The fight was long and tough and hard and they talk about it still.
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

Tables were turned over, chairs and cupboards too,
bottles crashed and glasses smashed and windows broken through,
but when Pete went for his pistol to fill Pinky full of lead
Charlene swung a bottle down and cracked him on the head.
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.

Well I hardly need to tell you what happened in the end.
They rolled old Pete out in the street and he was never seen again,
and a neater pair of sweethearts no town has ever seen
like Rough and Tumble Pinky and Siamese Charlene.
Yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee, yodeleeyee.