STRANGE AFFAIR ( Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

A song for all the lovers I never actually met; and for one or two whom I did meet, but who never became lovers.

I'm not here and you're not there.
No connection anywhere.
It makes no sense but I just don't care.
It's a strange affair.

I know the colour of your eyes and the length of your hair.
I even know the style of the clothes you wear.
But I keep to myself what I want to share.
It's a strange affair.

Shadows passing on the stair.
Life an Love were never fair,
but sometimes it gets hard to bear
this strange affair.

Secret love can take its toll.
Rack your body and scorch your soul.
It's enough to drive a lover to rock and roll.
You might not get through whole

If ever we met I would not dare
to ask if you had time to spare,
your heart stripped down and your soul laid bare,
for a strange affair.

I love you and you love me,
whoever you may be.
And I can't ask you to set me free.
from what can never be.

So, you're living your life in the world somewhere.
I can feel your kisses on the empty air.
Put your hand on your heart and let me hear you swear,
"It's a strange affair!"