OUT OF THE SUN (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

A song with alchemical roots, examining the different ways in which the title might be understood. With a nod towards the closing words of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon', I might add, "There's nowhere out of the sun. It's all out of the sun, really."

Out of the sun with an eagle eye,
the world still blind to your alibi,
if you fall, or if you fly,
out of the sun.

Your own black shadow is where you sleep,
and the gold you sow is the gold you reap,
but when you wake up you canít keep
out of the sun.

Out of the sun, and in the shade,
you can watch the passing of your own parade,
but, in the end, the reckoningís paid
out of the sun.

Out of the sun is where you go
when the lights are dimmed on the horror-show.
Low is high, and high is low,
out of the sun.

Watch out for the wolf-black sun.
Nowhere for you to cut and run.
keep a grip on what youíve won
out of the sun.

Down in the ground where the planets grow
you can learn what you need to know,
feel that secret fire flow
out of the sun.

Water and Earth, Wind and Fire.
Donít ask for what you donít desire.
A phúnix on a funeral pyre
in the heart of the sun.