TURN TO ME ( Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

For Gabriele. The song, I hope, says it all.

When you feel the world heavy on your shoulder,
and the darkest evening never comes too soon;
when you're sad, and the golden bubble's broken,
don't leave your fears unspoken. Turn to me.

Life can be cruel, and friends can hurt you.
Everything you turn to never seems to shine.
And even love can't take the pain from you.
But you can always call my name. Turn to me.

When your nights are dark, and your days are cloudy,
when you feel you're left alone with everything you fear.
Try to remember the things I've told you.
Let me hold you. Turn to me.

Once, in a dream, or so you've told me,
a white bird spread its wings to keep you safe and warm.
Like that bird, I will love and care for you,
and I'll be there for you all your life.