PESSIMISM BLUES ( Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

When looking on the negative side makes you feel positive, you really do have the Blues!

The only time I'm happy is when I'm feeling sad,
and the only good times I recall are the ones that turned out bad.
But I'm not lonely on my own, I know that, in the end,
I'm not about to lose a friend.

You make a little money and you think you're on your way,
then you remember all those debts that you forgot to pay.
And every meal's a waste of time if you think about it, when
In an hour or two you'll have to eat again.

Now, if your woman left you once, at least it wasn't twice.
So there's a reason to be glad, if you want my advice.
And if she treats you real bad, you don't have much to lose.
All you got to do is play The Blues.

You're getting older all the time. Now, what's the reason why?
It's Mother Nature's way of telling you you're gonna die.
But you don't have to get upset or fall down on your knees.
'Cos Life is just a terminal disease.

If you've got a life insurance and all that kind of jive,
you're worth more money when you're dead than when you are alive.
And all those folks who look so worried when you're feeling ill
Are hoping that they're mentioned in your will.

Most of the time I'm more hung up than a hook on the kitchen wall.
Don't tell me about your troubles, I've already seen them all.
And when you're feeling sad and lonely, just recall you're not the only
one to have the Pessimism Blues.