STAIRWAY ( Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

The world of myth sometimes walks very close to the everyday sunlit world. So close, in fact, that just occasionally they coincide.

Her voice in the dark,
at each turn of the stair,
where she pauses to speak,
shakes back her hair, and says,
"Worlds beyond words,
where we walk in our sleep,
are for your dreams and mine,
and the secrets we keep."

And her unspoken movements
describe how we stand.
while the soul of the moment,
abandoned, sings as it flies,
on the far side of Time.
And she closes her palm,
and continues to climb,
and continues to speak.

I follow her.
I'm in worlds beyond words,
where stairways are steep.
And her unspoken movements
are dreams that I keep
to play back in whispers
on the borders of sleep,
where the shadows are deep.
Shadows are deep.