WANNABE BLUES (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan )

I could have been a superstar actually, they just forgot to ask me.

I wanna be seen on the movie screen,
but I can never learn my lines.
A stop-watch measurer, just for the pleasure;
but I can’t tell the time.
I would have been keen on the banking scene
if I could count to ten.
And I might have been a damn good writer
if I could hold a pen.

I could have been a real sweet-dreamer,
if I could only get to sleep.
And I would try to be a scuba-diver,
but the water’s much too deep.
I might have gone far playing Blues guitar,
but I’m too highly strung.
And I’ve been told you never need grow old
if you stay for ever young.

Now the reason I ain’t a famous painter
is, believe it or not, I’m colourblind.
But I’m sure I’d make a great explorer
if I knew just what to find.
I’ve often thought of being a judge in court,
although I like to bend the rules.
Or I could navigate, if it’s not too late
to join the Ship of Fools.

Cassanova is a real pushover.
All I need is a ladyfriend.
I’d bid fair to be a millionaire
if I could earn more than I spend.
I would even try to buy a slice of pie-in-the-sky,
but I don’t like to pay.
And maybe this song would be twice as long
if I could think of something more to say.