UNDERGROUND ( Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

One of Shakespeare's characters speaks of the futility of trying to turn the sun to ice by fanning it with a peacock's feather. Sometimes I feel the same when confronted by the calculating evil of certain multinational companies. As an individual all you can do against them is fall out of step, maintain your dreams, and give them as little of your money as possible.

Keep tabs on the one-way dialogue,
corporate growth and dog eat dog.
Take a knife to the globalized net.
Keep your dreams on red alert.
Cashflow crises, stolen cream,
voices raised in the corridor;
unhappy with the way things seem,
saying, 'Tell me who it's all for.'

Rank on rank of charabanc faces.
Nine to five, never changing places.
Mark-up, set down, sticking to the plan.
Good consumers and 'also rans'.
Third-World debt is the game to play.
Tell them what they can and what they can't do.
Choose one, use one, throw it away.
Then you've got to go and buy yourself a new one.

Don't look now but there are faces dancing;
falling out of step and taking chances.
They want to live a life on the opposite shore.
Don't want to know about your 'More! More! More!'
They've had enough of politics and fingers in the till.
They've had enough of World Gold Standard.
They've had enough of companies closing for the kill;
and they want to live open-handed.

Take a message from the underground.
Bet your bottom dollar there's a reason.
They'll turn you inside out and upside down.
Put the squeeze on.

They've got money and a handle to the door.
They could leave you headless on the threshing floor.
With your chemical crops and your mutant strains,
conveyer-belt chickens and poisoned rain.
So total up the profits and divide by ten.
Get ready for the down-turn.
Take away and take away and take away again from
the golden harvest you earn.

Do you hear voices at the bottom of the sea,
planning for the world as they want it to be'
Pretty soon if they can they will
tell you what to do with your bankable skills.
So you'd better get a grip on the use of fear.
Unquiet spirits in the dreamhouse.
You had it sussed but the signs are clear.
Pay on your way out.

Stand aside and let the sunlight in.
Take a break from the T.V.
Open to the weather, start living in your skin.
Well maybe!