KING SUN, QUEEN MOON (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

This is an alchemical love story, rooted in the solar eclipse of August 1999. I witnessed this impressive union of the opposites from a clearing in the woods of the Inntal, south-east of Munich, where the sky was clear and the mosquitoes were voracious.

A long time ago, and far away,
as all the stories say,
the moon wouldnít dance,
and the sun wouldnít play,
or see things eye to eye.

Times were tough and tempers frayed;
no love lost, no progress made.
No way to persuade
Water to love the Fire.

King Sun. Working overtime.
On the ball and on the run.
Keeps the days in line.
He never sleeps in late
or takes a holiday.
Talks to himself, but him and the moon,
they donít have a lot to say.

Queen Moon spreads herself around.
Frost and crystals on her shoes.
Never comes to ground.
She likes to take her time
when she climbs the stairs,
goes to bed in her dancing shoes
and she never says her prayers.

Night and day walking in the sky.
Not a word to say,
but they keep their powder dry.
Moon sinks all her stepping stones,
Sun tots up the years.
Night after night after night alone.
Itís bound to end in tears.

Because Sun and Moon canít live together,
but they canít live apart.
Each one wants different weather,
in the selfsame heart.

Then suddenly, from time to time,
they throw their weapons down,
walk together, choose a sign;
Sun takes off his crown.
Moon shines up her diamond ring,
the sky goes dark at noon.
If you close your eyes you can hear them sing,
with all the stars in tune.
King Sun, Queen Moon.