SCORPIO RISING (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

An SMS from a very dear friend, which arrived while I was struggling to pin this song down, gave me exactly the theme I needed. She already has one song to her credit, which can be found on my ‘Walking to the Moon’ album (1995). Ten years later, I’m happy to report that Miss B. is still very much Miss B.

Thoughts that move too fast,
birds that fly too high,
the smile of a stranger in a crowd.
Words you never say,
the ones that got away.
Journeys still unmade.

Days you never dreamed,
moves you never planned,
hopes that never work a second time
however hard you try,
and all the tears you cry
for the kisses and the wine.

Down on the shore
the waves will come and go,
and the skies are always changing.
There’s nothing you can do,
you’re changing too,
and nobody’s to blame.

Now the masks have gone
and what you dreamed is done,
the open road is at your window.
So let your sorrows sleep
in the memories you keep,
now that you know what you know.

And the southern stars
and all the changing seas
will still be with you as you travel.
And the world keeps spinning round
in a game of Lost and Found,
from the cradle to the grave.