WHAT THE BLUES IS FOR (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

ĎWhat the Blues is forí? ĎWhat the Blues are forí? Blues players have never been noted for their close attention to grammatical niceties.

Well, people ask me, ďWhatís the point?
When one gets lucky and another one donít.
One makes a lot of money and another stays poor.
Is that what the Blues is for?Ē

I say, ďWell, if you donít climb, you wonít fall.
But if you never walk you wonít get nowhere at all.
You maybe think that you canít take no more.
Well, thatís what the Blues is for.Ē

If you got Bad Times on your track.
Take to the road and donít you ever look back.
Nobody knows what lies in store.
Thatís what the Blues is for.

I was once down in New Orleans,
I got whistled out of town by a hurricane.
The finest Cajun that I ever saw.
Thatís what Blues is for.

A man I know says he just donít care
that half the journey is getting there.
If you donít try youíll never know for sure
what the Blues is for.

The Blues is falling like a shower of rain.
Pick up, pack up, and start all over again.
You got the kind of trouble that you canít ignore?
Well, thatís what Blues is for.

Riding high or sinking down,
country to country and town to town,
I got the key to the highway and an open door.
Now thatís what the Blues is for.