HARLEY GIRL (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

I overheard Sally’s dreams in the autumn of 2002, while setting up for a gig in Hastings. Once a Harley Girl, always a Harley Girl; I suspect the motorbike itself is irrelevant.

Sally she’s a Harley Girl,
that’s what I heard her say
when she was sitting at a table
with some friends the other day.
I was tuning my guitar
and fixing the P.A.
I didn’t know her anyway.

She said, “You know what I’ve been through,
year after year.”
Her voice was sad and angry
and you couldn’t help but hear.
“I’ve paid the price,
I’ve felt the fear,
but now I’m getting out of here.”

“Because a Harley Girl can please herself,
she leans into the curve,
she’ll never turn her back on you
and never lose her nerve;
and if you don’t get what you want,
well, you get what you deserve.
I’m gonna be a Harley Girl.”

“People laugh at me,
‘cos I don’t even have a licence.
But just you wait and see.
I made my mind up long ago.
I’m going to be a Harley Girl.”

So Sally wears the leathers,
and struggles to survive.
But the day she buys her Road King
that’s the day she learns to drive.
And when she’s got that test
she’ll be the coolest girl alive.
A Harley Girl.