WOMAN I LOVE (© Words and music by Paul F. Cowlan)

Pure, unadulterated history. This is exactly how it happened. The song was written for Gabriele’s fiftieth birthday, and was first performed at her party in a wonderful old castle in the Thüringer Rhön in June 2004. At first I thought it was going to be a poem. So I was a little surprised when it turned into a mutant Blues. “C’est la vie!” said the old folks, “It goes to show you never can tell.”

Me and my band used to play the Blues.
Not a lot of money, but nothing to lose.
Everybody kicked off their shoes
and there was the woman I love.

She was dancing, with a whirlwind in her hair,
her eyes on fire and her shoulders bare,
fancy-free and devil-may-care.
Now there’s a woman to love.

When you get a vision like that on a Monday
you can’t get it out of your head till Sunday,
and even then you think, “Well, one day
that’ll be the woman I love.”

So we sat in her car and talked for a while.
She left the memory of her smile,
and a name and an address; and I thought, “Well I’ll
follow that woman I love.”

But right then time wasn’t on my side,
I had the wanderlust, and a ticket to ride
over the globe and down the other side,
away from the woman I loved.

Now, when I blew in from the Golden East
I can’t say my fortunes had increased,
I had a hundred pounds in the world. But at least
I had a woman to love.

So just as soon as I was free
I bought a ticket to Germany,
to see if that woman I loved loved me.
That’s what I was thinking of.

It all seems so long ago;
sleeping in my van in falling snow,
but the very next night, well, what do you know,
I moved in with the woman I love.

Things were good right from the start.
She soothed my soul and stole my heart.
From time to time she tears me apart,
but that’s a woman in love.

Now, when you hit fifty you tend to find
less road ahead and more behind,
with the clock still ticking. But I don’t mind
if I’m with the woman I love.

..... If I’m with the woman,
the everloving woman,
the beautiful woman I love.