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Night Reading for the next Ice-Age.

Twenty-three of my poems, read by me, without the ticking clocks, creaking rigging and other such sound effects so much beloved of some productions in similar fields.

Several of these poems have won prizes, or seen publication in various literary journals, and some readers might say they represent the more 'difficult' or 'intellectual' side of my writing. I would disagree, maintaining instead that their narratives explore less tangible, but equally real, inner landscapes than the more specific geographical locations of the pieces on 'Piepowder Poems,' the companion CD. They delight in the play of language and the resonance of words. Meaning and sound are of equal importance, and in a poem such as 'Whispers' a high proportion of the words quite clearly depict something very different from what they actually describe. On the other hand 'Brigsted's Nightingale' or 'Skylark' are straightforward narratives.

Decide for yourself. The selected 'complete' poems hardly take longer to download than the thirty second sound bites, so bounce them around and see what comes to mind.

The following poems are included on this CD, you can listen to a short sound bite by clicking on the icon, or view the text of the poem using the icon.

Track Title Sound bite Words
Errantries (2.15)
Imago Mundi (2.40)
The devious angel (2.45)
Beast (3.15)
Brigsted's nightingale (1.45)
Moon sledging (1.45)
Skylark (2.20)
One way (1.15)
Dolphins (8.20)
Premonition (1.35)
Serpent (2.00)
This day (1.20)
Fire to the frost (2.30)
Hunting amber (3.10)
Whispers (7.00)
Pigs' ears (1.20)
The Baptist (1.45)
Mata Hari's lover (2.25)
Dreamtime (2.00)
Motorcycle (2.00)
The singing fish (6.45)
Sorry (2.05)
Clearing the desk (2.50)

Total reading time: approximately 65.06

Produced and recorded by Paul F. Cowlan.


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