Three photos taken by Claudia Brijbag
at the Moller Koller in Darmstadt early in 2010


Powderham Paul & Gabriele:

'Lord and Lady Cowlan' relax by their simple, homely fireside after the concert.


The Powderham Castle concert in Devon. February 17th 2010. .

Playing at 'Lokal Patriot', Novo Mesto, Slovenia May 17th 2008 Playing at 'Mala Scena' in Cakovec, Croatia. May 16th 2008

Playing with 'Mojo Stuff Blues Band', at Lokal Patriot, Novo Mesto, Slovenia May 17th 2008

This was taken by Mike Campbell-Cole, at his place up on the moors above Pateley Bridge, in Yorkshire. (October 2005) Things were pretty autumnal so we decided to include some local colour

It's reassuring to know I've still got an enthusiastic fan-base up in that part of the world. Here is another fan, who is always there when ever he is needed!

At the Alte Schule, Gestringen. 11/03/05.
The photographer was Peter Krawetz
While I was there, Addi and Monika Schaeffer who have run the venue for years, gave me this other photo, taken when I played there on 27/08/93! Twelve years ago. Talk about 'memory lane'! It's still as great a place as ever.

Claudia Brijbag's recent portrait of The Poet. The graffito probably reads 'Too cool for the room!' Taken at the 'Speakeasy', in 'The Gallery', 291, Hackney Road. 31/01/05. A great London poetry/music venue, run by Baden Prince.
The photographer was John Prince.

A recent shot by Claudia Brijbag Another of Claudia's recent portraits.

The proud owner of a new, custom-built 'Doyle' jumbo. In the mid '70s I played a Tama, in the late '70s and early '80s an Ovation, then from 1984 onwards a wonderful Takamine which served me faithfully and well, in rarified concerts and disreputable dives, for sixteen hard-working years. Klaus Doll built me my present blonde beauty, the one pictured here, in 2000. Photo by Mike Campbell-Cole. Another, earlier, Yorkshire idyll by Mike Campbell-Cole.

The Café Joppe, Aalsmeer, Netherlands in the early '80s. Photo Geert Bruins. A street festival In Göttingen in the mid '80s. The photographer was a young woman whose name now escapes me.

A studio shot by Mike Campbell Cole in 1989. 'The years. ah, the years!' Another of Mike's shots, out on the moors above Pateley Bridge. A fanatically friendly cat pestered us throughout the session, but we managed to snap this one when she wasn't expecting it. The year was 1988

A late '80s concert in Dorfen, Bavaria. I think the club was called 'Soafa'. The photographer was Jakob Baumgartner Jnr. In tent 2 at Cambridge Folk Festival in 1987. Jon Benns took the photo.

Epping Festival way back in the '70s. The guitar players are (l. to r.) Dave Peabody and Tom Paley. I'm the bearded harmonica player who seems to be unable to afford a shirt. Steyregg Guitar festival near Linz, Austria in 1999. From l. to r. Alex di Grassi, Franco Morone, myself and Tom Kleemaier the festival organizer and a great guitarist. Photo by Hannelore Kleemaier.

Me with Alex and Franco at Steyregg. This was probably taken by Hannelore as well. I've never heard anyone who plays like Ljubo Majstorovic, usually on self- built guitars and amps which knock the spots off anything you can buy. He's also the presiding genius behind my last four CDs, all of which were recorded in his studio and variously backed by him as well. In this case he's just coasting along on bass at my fiftieth birthday party. If you ever get the chance to hear him, don't miss it.

Me and Robin Greenstein up in the wilds of Denmark in 1995. Robin is based in New York, has a stunning voice, writes great songs and plays a mean guitar and banjo. Catch her if you can. This was taken at a concert in Wellington, New Zealand in '86. Mike Brosnan, the Kiwi Blues-player, organized the tour and can be seen on electric guitar in the background. He and his then wife Sue were more than hospitable. He's now living and playing in Germany.

The lonesome harp-man, recently snapped by Claudia Brijbag on a rooftop in Darmstadt. August 28th 1987. No musician can always accurately predict the kind of public they might attract. I have to say this chap was a good listener. Mike Campbell-Cole was not only the photographer he was also the owner of the audience.

Gabriele Mallaun captured this harmonica exchange with a Swiss groupie way back in 1983. The Poet in action at Hyde Park Corner. It's always comforting to discover you're not the only space-cadet on the planet. Laura King, the organizer of this 'Poetry in the Park' event, was also the photographer.