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Slam Special Edition Poems.

As an itinerant musician, working in as many as ten countries a year, poetry is the lightest article in my baggage. There's no limit to the amount I can carry or pick up en route; it travels back and forth in time, crosses national and cultural borders with ease, and rarely attracts official interest. It can take off vertically, come at you from any angle, and land where you thought there was neither time nor space.

Because of poetry I have to live in hope, sleep with the window open and be prepared for guests at any time of the day or night. This, of course is just the beginning!

The following poems are included on this CD, you can listen to a short sound bite by clicking on the icon, or view the text of the poem using the icon.

Track Title Sound bite Words
Politically erect (2.58)
High Life (2.06)
One Way (1.07)
Hot Robin or The Sherwood Forest Fitness Freak-out (3.34)
A Transylvanian Liebestod (3.51)
The Mysterious Case of Sherlock Holmes (4.10)
One of those days (3.23)
Pigs in a poke (3.49)
Turkish delight (2.51)
Snoring (2.30)
A Porcine panegyric (2.44)

Total reading time: approximately 30 minutes

Produced and recorded by Paul F. Cowlan.


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